Hacking 4 Oceans

Entrepreneurship + Ocean/Coastal Conservation Course

In Spring 2020, UC Santa Cruz offered the first class of its kind focused on identifying solutions to key coastal and ocean problems using Lean Design

NEW FOR 2021

Teams with promising solutions developed in the course are eligible for 2-5,000 per team to pursue their solution in summer 2021

Learn Lean Launchpad and other Lean Design techniques for startup success and solve real problems.

Tackle complex problems critical to saving our oceans and coasts with an interdisciplinary team of students from across campus.

Open to graduate and/or undergraduate students from any school, department, or program at UCSC or MIIS.

Limited enrollment by permission of instructor team.

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Please email the teaching team at Hacking4Oceans@ucsc.edu to obtain a permission number

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Across the country, startups are using the principles of Lean design to create the next generation of solutions. Startups operate with continual speed and urgency 24/7. Over the last few years they've learned how to be not only fast, but extremely efficient with resources and time using lean startup methodologies. The Lean Startup methods have been adopted to take on actual problems that are curated and presented either to students taking a class or made broadly available in open challenges to the community.

In this course, you will use Lean Startup methods and approaches to solve actual problems facing ocean focused organizations (government, for-profit, and non-profit).

Hacking 4 Oceans takes on problems facing the ocean. Some problems might use Lean to solve internal process problems (e.g. cut the time it takes to process permit approaches to advance adaptation) to large scale problems that have applicability in other regions (e.g. novel solutions to create sustainable aquaculture feed). Students will form teams and choose one problem to work on for the quarter from a set of available problems. Each team works on a different problem.

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Course Title: Hacking 4 Oceans: Solving Ocean Issues with Lean Launchpad

Course #s: Enrollment by permission number only, provided following application submission

  • Graduate Students: CSP 281A, 5 units (2021 Grad Syllabus Coming)

  • Undergraduate Students: CRSN 151B-01, Class # 64011, 5 units, (2021 UGrad Syllabus Coming)

Term: 2021 Course offered Spring Quarter on Thursdays noon-3pm over Zoom.

Teaching & Planning Team: Anne R. Kapuscinski, Steve Weinstein, Radhika Malpani, Sue Carter, Andrea Carafa and Sarah Eminhizer

Email the Teaching Team to Join the Class Hacking4Oceans@ucsc.edu